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Signs Your Japanese Hair Scissors Need Sharpening

Cutting hair looks easy, but getting a decent cut is harder than you might think. Most people who try their own hand at cut hair often end up with an uneven cut. Worse, it often damages the hair to the extent that you might need a professional’s help. The biggest reason to end up with damaged or uneven hair is using dull scissors. Having a pair of sharp Japanese hair scissors is essential to sport a cleaner cut.

Now, most people wouldn’t know if their scissors are sharp enough or if they need immediate sharpening. This blog will help you find out the signs when your hair-cutting scissors need to be sharpened.

01. Folding Hair 

If you’re facing hair folding too often or ending up with a weirdly uneven cut, it could either be from dull blades or the tension control is too loose. So, try to tighten the tension control first. If it does the trick, fine. If not, your scissors need sharpening.

02. Noisy Blades 

All hair-cutting scissors make “cutting” noises. But, if you come across your scissors making particularly “jacking” noises or loud grinding noises, it could be a sign of dullness and you need scissors sharpening ASAP. Getting nicks in the neck area, as a result of blades getting tangled up with hair also indicates taking the scissors to professional sharpening.

03. Difficulty in Cutting 

Forget your DIY hair-cutting regime!

If you repeatedly notice that the blades are struggling to cut your hair or getting “false positives”, get the scissors sharpened immediately. In case, you have repeatedly sharpened it with little to no effect, you might have to replace them altogether. You can easily determine it by performing a tissue paper test. Take a piece of

04. Hairs Getting Stuck in the Shears 

A common mistake that most users make is checking its sharpness by cutting a piece of paper. With this, you might feel your scissors are sharp enough. But, the moment you run it through your hair, you face a tug, push, or grabbing of shears. Under this circumstance, first, check if the tension is set correctly. If that’s working fine, then check if the scissors are closing smoothly or not.

An imperfection left on the blade or “warping” caused by the overuse of scissors can cause the scissors to get stuck in the hair. So, get your pair of Japanese hair scissors sharpened.

So, by now you’ll agree that a perfectly sharpened pair of hair-cutting scissors is equally important no matter how skilled you are at hairdressing. It is also recommended to use only professional scissor sets and avoid sharpening them by yourself. It can damage the scissors and your delicate hair strands. Not to mention, it’s just risky!

Speaking of which, you need to buy scissors that are safe and enjoyable to cut & style your hair the way you want. Hence, buy Japanese hair scissors only from the best.

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