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Eoin Clarke

General Manager

Zen Master Scissors

Australia & New Zealand

"Without the right tools in your Hand, your journey to being an amazing stylist or barber will be a long one".

~ Eoin Clarke

About Us

Eoin is an Irish Born hairstylist/barber who has been in the hair industry for over 36 years and is a fifth-generation Hairdresser and Barber in his family dating back to 1878 when his family opened their first Barbershop Roche’s Barbers and his family still operate and own barbershops and lady’s salons in Dublin.

Roches Barbers & Hairdressing is still going strong with over 14 shops. His family members, including his uncles’, cousins, mother and brothers have been involved in the family business from start to date.

Over the year, Eoin has run and operated many salons barbershops and have worked alongside many top hairdressers in Ireland and Australia.

He has been helping Salon owners to grow the business over the past 15 years with his experience in the business of life mentoring and coaching over the years, he has helped several businesses to generate over 98 million dollars in revenue.

Eoin has a passion for education and love to pass on the many skills as he enjoys helping people and has gathered immense experience over the years, whether it be business growth or technical skills.

Eoin joined the Zen Master Scissors 3 years ago working alongside Sam Papas has helped Zen Master Scissors become a global scissors company with many of the world’s elite hairdressers and barbers using Zen Master Scissors today.

So, if you want help choosing your next Scissors or shears or some help with your business drop Eoin a message as he loves the hair industry and loves people and helping them achieve greatness.

Payment Method

All prices are itemised in Australian Dollars (AUD). We except the following payment methods: Zip pay, Paypal, Eway and Afterpay

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Weekends and public holidays: Next business day shipping applies. International shipping: The purchaser is responsible for any taxes, fees or charges related to your country.

Return Policy

If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase for whatever reason, we offer a 7 day money back guarantee.

Privacy Policy

Zen Master Scissors is completely committed to protecting your privacy. Your personal or financial information will NEVER be sold or transferred.

Customer Service

Our desire for happy Hands, unleashed potential and satisfied clients is our dream. We take those desires in our approach to support you.


Global Family

As an exciting and expanding brand, those who have purchased our Hand-made products are joining a global family of users, influencers and Zennovators.

Zen Master Zealot

Andy Smith

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Payment Plan

Over Time

There are many reasons why life throws us a curve ball and in most cases we are only able to wait them out and push through. As stylists and educators, we know that while ‘time’ heals all wounds, proper aid help the process much quicker. We are here for our fellow and extended global* teams. Let’s work together for the same goal to “Stay Sharper Longer!”

Only The Best

While few come close to our Hand-made scissors, fewer are receive a the approval from Zen Master to sharpen your artistic tools. We have a network of accredited and industry approved sharpeners. While our extend team is approved to provide exquisite and result for your Zen Master Scissors the quality of work is approved for all of your applicable tools!