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How to Keep Your Barber Scissors Set Well-Maintained?

As a barber, maintenance of your scissors set and other supplies is essential. Since these are the day-to-day tools that you use, it is important to keep them functioning smoothly to achieve optimal performance and keep your clients satisfied. But how can you retain the functioning capability of the scissors and other supplies? Read on to get an idea.

Clean and Disinfect

No matter the type of barber scissors set that you have, keeping it immaculate is the key to elongating its life. Moreover, keeping them clean will ensure smooth functioning. However, only cleaning is not enough, you will need to disinfect them regularly to protect them from bacteria and viruses that can easily affect others.

For the sanitisation process, you can use any premium product. A lot of them are available readily on the market.

Proper Storage

To keep the scissors set working as they should, you will need to store them in the ideal place. You should follow the manual provided with the set. There, you can find the temperature and other specifications for your convenience. In general, storing the scissors and other supplies in a clean dry place is recommended. You can also use protective covers or cases to store the scissors.

Regular Lubrication

All scissors set for barbers need to be lubricated as part of the maintenance process. Make sure that you do so at least once a week so that it can operate smoothly. However, applying lubricants can attract dirt and dust. So, after the application process, ensure that you wipe clean the extra lubricant with a cloth and store the set in the protective case.

Sharpen the Scissor

One of the most important maintenance procedures for scissors sets is to sharpen them at least every three to six months. That way, you can maintain their performance and achieve the style that your client has opted for. Otherwise, while hair cutting or trimming, if the scissor gets stuck or feels hard, the process will become inconvenient for you and will provide below-par results. So, make sure that you follow this step.

Handle the Supplies with Care

You should always handle your barber supplies with care. Try not to drop them or cut anything else other than hair. In addition, you should always keep the scissors closed as this helps maintain their sharpness and avoid accidents. With that, you should always follow the maintenance manual since it comprises all the important guidelines for keeping the scissors in the right shape.

Inspect Your Scissors Everyday

To elongate the lifespan of the scissors set, as a barber, you will need to inspect them every day. Check whether they have become loose or showing signs of damage. In these situations, you should get servicing done as part of maintenance.

To conclude, you can keep your scissors as well as supplies performing well for days if you follow these steps. However, you need to follow the manual as well for the best performance.

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