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Things You Need to Know While Purchasing Haircutting Scissors

To a professional who is into haircutting, getting the best haircutting scissors is the first step towards success. In fact, it is as important as having the right measure of expertise. The texture and amount of hair to dress and trim vary from one individual to another. Thus, if you are a  professional barber and hairdresser you need to have different types of scissors. However, regardless of the type of scissors you need they need to have some common features. On this page, let us discuss the things you must consider before purchasing haircutting scissors.

Hair Scissors

Size DOES Matter 

Size is the most important aspect to consider, when it comes to purchasing hair scissors. You cannot vouch for a single type or size of scissors, as you have to negotiate different texture, type and volume of hair. So just because a single size fits your hand perfectly, you cannot resort to that single size. You must consider having scissors of variable size to serve various purposes. The 5.5″, 6.0″ & 6.5″ inch fine  and wide tooth thinning scissors are the most available varieties. So the bottom line is that you not only have to have scissors of various types and sizes, but also the skills to make the most of them to the fullest.

Opt for the Right Handles

One of the most crucial considerations that comes into play while choosing the haircutting scissors is the handles. There is a wide range of handles of these scissors available in the market. Hence, you may very well get confused, with so many options. If you are relatively new and not sure of the type of handle to use, opt for the ones with an ergonomic offset handle.There  are three kinds of handles to choose from:

  • Opposite grip shears that feature holes for the Thumb as well as the fingers in front of each other. This makes giving a haircut much easier and comfortable.
  • The offset handle, which comes with a difference, as both the handles are not equal. The Thumb handle is shorter than the handle for the index finger.
  • Crane handles, which at times come with a rotating thumb hole. It allows your hand to move without any hindrance whatsoever, while giving a haircut.

Consider the Quality

This is the factor that you should never compromise with. The reason is pretty obvious, as an inferior quality of shears will affect the quality of haircuts. And it does not apply on scissors only, but on all the haircutting accessories that you will need for your profession.

Lastly, the Price

There are several types of hair-cutting scissors available in the market. Thus, it may very well be an uphill task for you to choose the right kind of scissors with the right price. Do not opt for low price scissors. Low price comes with low quality. Never compromise on quality even if you have to pay a higher price. Opt for the ones that are high-quality as well as reliable and are made up of a reputable company like Zen Masters Scissors.

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