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Master Barber

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The Master Barber is made of the best Japanese VG10 steel, with high levels of titanium and vanadium that gives extra strength to these cutting blades. The Master Barber is one of our newest additions to the Grand Zen Master Collection. The cutting quality of these scissors is one of the smoothest available. They keeps a sharp edge longer. You will be able to dry-cut and create crisp sharp lines with no effort. The length of these scissors 6.5″, 7″ and 8″ allows for all types of Barbering and is also amazing on long hair. The point of the blade is versatile and allows you to perform detailed work and can handle even the most demanding of busy days. These scissors have a double ball bearing screw system and widend finger rests on the handle, reducing strain on the user.

Purpose: Wet or Dry cutting, scissor-over-comb, solid form, precision cutting, slicing, chipping and point cutting.


6.5", 7", 8"

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