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Dlc – 6″ and 6.5 “


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The newest and most advanced technology from Japan using age old techniques. DLC – Diamond Like Carbon – is an extremely hard coating . Unlike Titanium, it provides sensational smooth movement and protection of the blades. DLC is a technology used to coat drill bits for rock drilling so we sumized that it would be an incredible coating to put onto shears for protection… We got together with our craftsman in Japan and the rest is history… the DLC was born and we’re thrilled with the results! This is the second generation of DLC for Zen Master… We’ve updated the design of the shear and even tweaked the color of the DLC to give it a modern, edgy look. We’re still amazed by how smooth and how strong the DLC is which is great if you travel with your shears the DLC gives you peace of mind that they won’t be damaged in transit.  The DLC coating took the scissors from an HRC hardness of 65-67 to 812! That’s a strength that has never been seen or heard of in the hairdressing industry! We’re proud of what we’ve achieved with this scissor, which includes the new design. It is absolutely stunning! The blades are slender yet very powerful making easy work of even the most coarse hair. They allow the user to achieve intricate detail on fine hair and precision cutting is an absolute specialty with the DLC.

The handles are designed for ultra comfort with an incredibly well balanced feel for your hand, wrist and shoulder. Level up your artistry But best of all, NO SHARPENING REQUIRED FOR 8 to 10 YEARS!

Highly recommended.

Purpose: Wet cut, dry cut, general purpose, slide cut, chip, point cut, scissor-over-comb, precision cutting. 


6.0", 6.5"